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Leafy Corner strives to provide you a place where you can be free, where you can relax. A place where the air is lighter and the light feels warmer. Someplace the couch beneath you feels softer and the sunlight through the windowsill peeks in shafts of light stroking gently upon your skin. A place you can call home.

Offering a variety of synthetic succulents, designed with minor details that miss the average eye, with carefully selected colors that release positive chemicals in your brain to keep your mental health optimal and uplift your everyday mood.

  • We’ve included 4 life-like faux succulents to add natural warmth to your living room, office, bathroom, or kitchen.
  • Our artificial succulents also come with ceramic boho geometric planter pots to decorate a desk, countertop, or bedside table.
  • Our indoor faux succulent plants boast realistic plant textures and vivid colors to separate them from flowers or cactuses.
  • These succulent planter combos are bigger and more vibrant to help set them apart from small or mini sized plants.
  • The ceramic pots for our succulent plants are more stable on the inside to keep them from sliding around, moving, or falling out.


Bring Nature Indoors

Decorate Your Home or Office with Vibrant, Life-Like Artificial Succulents from Leafy Corner

Don’t have a green thumb? Can’t find time to care for the nature of your home? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with our artificial succulents. Giving a realistic look and feel, creating an environment that fits your vibe, crafted with premium materials made to last a lifetime without losing their realistic look, while maintaining the same rich colors.

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Plants add a more natural look and feel to any space but keeping them alive can be hard if you’re always busy or aren’t a natural green thumb. That’s why we created these authentic-looking Leafy Corner Artificial Succulents with White Geometric Planter Pots. These low-maintenance mini succulent plants add beautiful color and vibrant feel to your desktop, bedside table, bookshelf, or even home décor. More importantly, they don’t require any sunlight, water, or special maintenance, so they’ll continue to look healthy and beautiful all year-round.

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Four Distinct Plant Styles

Every faux succulent plant set comes with four beautiful succulents, each with their own shape and color, to add even more value and decorative design to your living area.

Realistic Artificial Succulents

Versatile Decoration Options

These small planter pots can be placed almost anywhere to add a natural feel to your space including a bookshelf, your office desk, a reading area, or a nursery room

Bright and Colorful Fake Plant Assortment

No Complicated Care Required

Leafy Corner Artificial Succulents not only look amazing they’re super easy to take care of. In fact, you don’t need to water them, move them into sunlight, or even prune them, so they’ll continue to look great all year-round no matter the changes in weather, temperature, or seasons.

No Watering or Sunlight Needed

White, Geometric Planter Pots

Each succulent comes with its own geometric-style planter pots that’s fun, stylish, and offers a minimalist look that blends in seamlessly with your home or office. They’re also easy to wipe down and keep clean, so you can keep them free of dust.

Elegant Geometric Ceramic Pots

Faux Rocks Inside

Our planter pots and succulent plants also have a small rock “soil” that creates a more rustic, farmhouse, or desert style that pairs well with all types of home décor choices.

Dirt-free rock soil

Non-Toxic with No Odors

Unlike some plastic plants that smell like chemicals or harsh plastics our realistic plants are non-toxic, durable, and odor free, so you can display them with 100% confidence.

Non-Toxic and Odor Free Materials

Reinforced Packaging

Our 4-piece succulents plants set comes with drop and shock-resistant packaging to better protect them during transit. You can also use it for birthday and holiday gifts.

Protective, Shockproof Packaging


img Celia Elyse McGeehan
Goes perfect on my shelving
img Samnicha
They are so cute.
These are adorable! I love the colors and their size. These go perfect on a desk, or on a nightstand.
The delivery was prompt and flawless. The packaging was excellent. There is no way for the pots to break because they are secured so well. Would definately order again!
img A. Valdez
Small but very pretty.
These plants are small and very pretty. They are exactly what I was looking for. I took a picture with an iPods case to help show their size. I hope this review helps.
img LAlvly
Super cute!.
I love the colors...exactly as pictured and super cute on my shelves!
img MalibuStacey
Cute decor.
These have been a great addition to my house decor. They don’t take up a lot of space and are light weight. Easy to take care of and clean.
img Gail
Big Style For a Small Space.
Love the look of these artificial cacti. Would've rated them a five star except that part of one plant arrived bent out of shape.
img Dcandy
Goes perfect on my shelving
img Nathaniel H.
Great quality
I love these plants. They are perfect for my ledge between my kitchen and living room and so colorful.
img Jeanine Hunter
Very cute.
img M Khan
Adorable natural looking plants.
Adorable natural looking plants in elegant pots. Perfect for study table. It has been few months since I bought them still looking very nice.

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